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Concrete Floor Cleaning and Polishing Service


Concrete Floor Scrubbing and Polishing Services

Over the past decade, concrete has become a more attractive and popular flooring choice for commercial spaces. Gone are the times when concrete was considered cold and boring. These days, concrete can be smoothed and stained to form elegant surfaces that will give your workplace a touch of personality.

Like most other floor types, concrete can look worn down after years of exposure to dirt, spills and human traffic. When this happens, simple sweeping, vacuum cleaning and washing techniques just won’t do. If you want your concrete floors back to their original form, you’ll need the professional help of the experts at Lifestyle Cleaning and Restoration.

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What is Polished Concrete?

Polished concrete is a type of flooring installation that utilizes the existing concrete surface to create a durable and attractive finished floor. Originally developed as a commercial installation, concrete polishing is now widely used in residential, retail, and commercial applications.

Polished concrete is installed by grinding concrete surfaces with progressively finer diamond abrasives. This process is very similar to polishing natural stone, such as a granite countertop, and leaves the concrete surfaces with a similar feel and wear characteristics.

While polished concrete and stained concrete might appear to be very similar installations, they’re actually quite different. While stained floors depend on a sealer over the concrete floor’s surface, all of the sealers used in a polished concrete floor penetrate into the floor. On a stained concrete install, the concrete sealer is the weakest link and is prone to wear and failure. Polished concrete is much more durable due to the fact that there is no sealer layer on the surfaces of the concrete to wear or fail.

Polished Concrete is the Most Durable Flooring

Polished concrete is by far the most durable floor finish available. It’s stain resistant, requires very little maintenance, is easy to clean and will maintain its luster for years, even with high traffic.

Our Polishing Process

Concrete can be polished to a brilliant glass-like finish. Polishing concrete is similar to sanding a piece of wood to a smooth finish. You begin with a rough piece of sandpaper and progress through finer grits of sandpaper. To get the wood smooth you’ll finish with a very high grit count. Polishing concrete is the same, except instead of sandpaper we use diamond pads.


Commercial Concrete Polishing

Lifestyle Cleaning offers commercial concrete staining and polishing for offices and warehouses as well. Having your commercial floors stained and polished makes them easy to clean and incredibly durable. The glossy, reflective finish of polished concrete floors add luster to your commercial space and reduces the cost of annual maintenance significantly over waxed hard surface flooring.

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