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Concrete Floors Grinding, Refinishing & Polishing Services.

Commercial Floors Cleaning, Polishing & Refinishing Services.

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Commercial and Industrial Concrete Floor Grinding and Concrete Polishing Services

We provide commercial & residential concrete floor polishing services including grinding, polishing, application of sealers and epoxy coatings.


Polished concrete floors are the latest trend in office spaces, retail spaces, manufacturers warehouses, airports, schools and event spaces. This is simply because they are easy to maintain, extremely cost effective, and have a beautiful mirror-like glossy finish to them that will outlast any other surface available on the market today.

There are a variety of options when choosing your polished concrete flooring, including the integral or penetrating stain color, the gloss level, and aggregate type. Our professionals will assist you in the processes used to reach the desired finish you request. 

In simple terms, polishing concrete is similar to sanding wood. We utilize large industrial 1200 pound grinding machines that are equipped with a planetary system. This allows the grinder to hold a set (9) diamond-impregnated disks that are the size of a hockey puck. These pucks are impregnated with diamond fragments and categorized into grit ratings such as 100, 200, 400, etc. depending on how course or fine these pucks are will determine their overall grit rating.

Similar to sandpaper on wood, these disks are used to grind the concrete surface down to refinement and desired aggregate then brought back up in stages which are grinding, honing, and polishing until the desired level shine is achieved.

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ET50 is a versatile and user-friendly planetary floor grinder. Perfect for a wide range of applications, e.g. coating removal, epoxy-base Terrazzo ,cement-base Terrazzo ,self-leveling cement ,concrete grinding and concrete polishing. It is suitable for industrial and domestic applications.

concrete grinding services Los Angeles CA

Professional concrete floor polishing services every time!

There are dozens of Concrete Polishing companies in the greater Los Angeles area – why choose Techno Floor Refinishing and Concrete Polishing? Simply put: We deliver the highest quality service, on time, within the allotted budget – and specifically tailored to your project. We EXCEED expectations. Polished concrete is a revolutionary method of revitalizing concrete. We can give that old grey concrete into a glossy, mirror-like finish. You don’t have to spend extra money on floor cleaning materials. Los Angeles Concrete Polishing is the next generation on concrete polished flooring and offers the leading polished flooring services in L.A. Period. We can make your concrete look new again with polished concrete! We have a long-term reputation for excellence, let us show you why. Durable, cost-effective and low maintenance.

We will transform your concrete floor into something extraordinary with polished concrete! Custom polished concrete polished just for you and your property.

Professional Concrete Floors Polishing Services in Los Angeles

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Commercial Floor Cleaning Every Time

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Commercial Floor Cleaning Experts

We Specialize in All Types Floors Cleaning, Buffing Polishing & Refinishing Services

We provide customers with an industry leading professional service in floor refinishing and restoration for all types of hard floors.


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We Offer Commercial and Residential Floor Cleaning, Buffing, Stripping, Waxing and Refinishing Services In Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernadino and Orange Counties:

Floor Care Services:

  • – Floor Stripping and Waxing
    – Concrete Floors Grinding
    – Concrete Floors Polishing
    – Ceramic Tile cleaning
    – Marble floor cleaning
    – Hardwood Floor Cleaning
    – Natural Stone Refinishing
    – Carpet Steam Cleaning
    – Power Washing
Commercial & Residential:
  • – Private Residential
  • – Retail Stores
    – Office Buildings
    – Medical Facilities
    – Educational Facilities, College Campuses
  • – Gyms, Child Care Facilities
    – Government Buildings
    – Religious Facilities and Places of Worship
    – Restaurants
  • – We work with General B and Flooring Contractors
    – Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Programs available!

Concrete Floor Polishing FAQ

Is it possible for any conrete floor to be polished?

Answer: Just about any concrete floor can be polished. However, here are some which can't, they would include floors with excessive cracks, pitting or are uneven due to poor placement and bad foundations.

Are there floors that wouldn't be ideal for polished concrete?

Answer: Yes, floors that will be constantly exposed to acids, saturated with oil exposed to continuous water, such as pool decks, driveways and walkways. There are better finish choices for these type of areas.

Is polished concrete environmental friendly?

Answer: Yes, It offers LEED points by reusing existing building materials instead of creating by-products from manufacturing new ones. Polished concrete prevents waste, and is also extremely long lasting.

How does the floor end up shiny?

Answer: Rather than having a pitted surface that refracts light, the light refracts off the floor which is what causes the shine on the surface. Through the process of polishing, the floor is refined making the surface smoother with each pass. The result is that the concrete itself is reflecting the light.

How do I keep up with polished concrete?

Answer: The easiest system to maintain would have to be polished concrete. It also doesn't require any aggressive cleaners or brushes to lift dirt away. No waxing or stripping will be necessary. If polished concrete is going to be used in a public building, using very soft brushes, an auto scrubber can be used.

Is polished concrete economical?

Answer: The polished concrete can cost you anywhere from a dollar a square foot or twenty dollars a square foot. Since it is not just a mass-manufactured product that you can just install, you have to go through a whole process of grinding and polishing the floor. It depends on how good of condition the floor already is, how elaborate any decorative options could be, also how open the floor plan is.

Am I able to use polished concrete outdoors?

Answer: If the polished concrete has a high sheen it is not recommended to be used outdoors, although, a matte (up to 100 grit) or even low sheen (400 grit) could be used outdoors. Engraved techniques, saw cuts, and exposed aggregate are decorative concrete applications that are ideal for outdoor as well as indoor.

Why would I choose polished concrete instead of epoxy?

Answer: Simply stated all coatings wear and will fail over time. Polished concrete has no surface coating to wear away. It offers minimal maintenance over its life-span. In areas with heavy repeated traffic, it will begin to show rings of wear that can be easily rejuvenated to its original sheen with minimal future interruption and down time.

Are concrete floors slippery?

Answer: It may appear that the floors are slippery, but this is only because of the shiny visual of the floor. It has been tested and it has shown that polished concrete usually either meets or exceeds OSHA standards (.50) for slip resistance on floor surfaces.

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