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Mattress Steam Cleaning Service


Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning Services in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County

Cleaning your mattress on your own can be a very difficult task, and even when you attempt to do it yourself, you likely aren’t getting it as thoroughly clean as you would by having professional mattress cleaning services performed on it. If you consider how many nights you have slept on your mattress without having it thoroughly cleaned, it may even bring about some anxiety and frustration. While you likely use mattress covers and sprays to eliminate some of that dirt, there really isn’t anything quite like a truly deep clean — which is where Lifestyle Cleaning and Restoration comes in.

We are passionate about offering our clients with top-quality mattress steam cleaning services in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County, CA.

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Sleep soundly knowing your mattress is squeaky clean.

Millions of microscopic dust mites live inside your mattresses. You spend more time on your mattress with dust mites than in anything else in your life. Dust mites are the reason you stay up during the night because they cause irritated, itchy skin, and illnesses. As clean as your sheets may be, dust mites still multiply because they survive by consuming skin that we shed. Mattresses are the most occupied living space with a life span of 15-20 years. We spend 8 hours a day sleeping on our mattress, and that means 1/3rd of our lives are exposed to the mites and bacteria in our mattresses. All these mites are triggers for asthma and allergies, meaning a periodic mattress sanitizing is crucial to avoid such reactions. No matter how new the mattress is, it will still contain dust mites. The only thing that varies among mattresses is the level of contamination of mite.

The Process in Mattress Steam Cleaning:

Mattresses are fragile and if not maneuvered or cared for properly they can easily break. Also, they cannot get wet as it will attract bacteria and cause mold, causing permanent stain. The actual process however is very quick and simple with minimal equipment and proper technique. Lifestyle Cleaning utilizes a simple, innovative process that will leave your mattress free of dust mites and looking brand new within 15 minutes. First we eliminate any spots or stains that are noticeable on the mattress using proper non-toxic chemicals. Once those are gone, we can begin the sanitation process.

Mattress Cleaning and Sanitation Technology:

Our innovative cleaning and sanitizing system will sanitize and clean stains on the surfaces of your mattress along with killing the millions of dust mites living inside. No matter how new the mattress is, it will still contain dust mites. Within the first few minutes of arriving to your home, our technicians can determine the levels of dust mites and other particles in your mattress. We use a specialized cleaning & sanitizing system for mattresses and upholstery to agitate, vacuum, and kill remaining dust mites. The machine uses a deep-suction-vacuum. It uses a rotating brush to expose dust mites from up to six inches inside the mattress, which is the breeding ground for mites. The steam cleaning and high powered suction will eliminate all remaining bacteria, dust mites, viruses, fungal spores, and any other organism hiding in your mattress, leaving them with little means to reproduce. We perform this process on the front, back, and all sides of the mattress. Afterwards, we spray a non-toxic cleaning solution to protect the mattress from future stains and odors.


Sleep soundly knowing your mattress is squeaky clean.

When was the last time you looked at your mattress? Remove your sheets and the pads and take note of what’s present. If you find stains, food particles, or material debris from your futon cover, it’s time to call our mattress cleaning Lifestyle Cleaning, mattress steam cleaning services. You can request a quote from our Mattress Cleaning services.

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